Ethical Recruiting Guidelines for Students

When preparing for the professional world or the next step in your career, it's vital that students learn to conduct themselves in an ethical manner. The College of Natural Sciences Career Services Office strives to provide services and programs to empower students in career exploration, professional development, and networking opportunities to connect with employers. In doing so, the office expects students to pay attention to this vital component and uphold our reputation. 

Student Guidelines

All UT Austin CNS students are expected to:

  • Follow through with all event RSVPs
  • Provide 48 hours notice of any canceled interviews when possible
  • Be on time for all appointments, on-campus interviews, and recruiting events
  • Present qualifications in a truthful manner
  • Understand hiring and offer policies
  • Accept job and internship offers in an ethical manner
  • Stop interviewing once an offer has been accepted
  • Honor accepted job and internship offers


Reneging refers to breaking an employment commitment and is considered dishonest and unethical.  This includes accepting new offers after previously accepting a different offer.  Reneging can carry serious repercussions at the University and can negatively impact your professional reputation.

Reneging reflects poorly on the candidate and potentially damages The University of Texas at Austin’s reputation and relationships with employers.  Instances of reneging that are reported by an employer will be investigated by CNS Career Services and may result in loss of recruiting privileges for the student.

Consequences for Violating These Guidelines

If a student violates any of the above guidelines, any or all of the following consequences may occur at the discretion of the CNS Career Services Office:

  • Handshake account deactivated for one year
  • Exclusion from on-campus interviews with employers
  • Banned from recruiting events, including department-sponsored events with company partners
  • Mandatory meeting with the Career Services Office or academic advisor
  • Notification letter will be sent to your department chair

Disclaimer: Under rare circumstances, we may refer students that violate these guidelines to Judicial Services in the UT Dean of Students Office. 

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