Connecting with Our Students

How Career Services can help you meet outstanding College of Natural Sciences students.

Connecting with our students isn't typically accomplished with one single method. It requires a variety of efforts to help build your brand recognition across campus. We encourage you to review the options below and think strategically about what you are hoping to achieve. 

Career Services is here to help facilitate your connection with a friendly reminder that earlier planning is always better.

Partner with Us for a Workshop or Event

Throughout the semester, our office hosts several workshops and panels for undergraduate students. If you're interested in partnering with us for one of these events, please email us:

On-Campus Interviews

There's no charge for CNS On-Campus Interviews.

After submitting your request …

  • We'll send an email once the day and time are confirmed.
  • Please be patient. We know that interview schedules are very critical to your needs and recruiting talent and travel schedules. We will work as quickly as possible. 

75 percent rule: The University of Texas at Austin has a policy such that no more than 25 percent of a company's interview schedule can be filled by students outside of that school/college. 

Reserve On-Campus Interview Rooms

On-Campus Information Sessions

There's no charge for CNS On-Campus Information Sessions.

Reserve On-Campus Information Session Room

Connect through Handshake

With Handshake, employers have the ability to search for any student who has made their profile public. Using this feature, you can invite students to your events, encourage them to visit you at a career fair, or highlight a job to them. You can search based on their resume, skills, and areas of interest. A personal message from a company is a great way to increase visibility with students.