Vision and Mission


The College of Natural Sciences Career Services Office empowers all students to engage in early career exploration to create and implement meaningful career goals by:

  • Promoting the discovery of student skills, strengths and values
  • Providing guidance and resources
  • Partnering with university constituents, alumni and prospective employers
  • Leveraging our knowledge of emerging industry trends
  • Encouraging experiential learning and networking participation

CNS Career Services is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers.


We hold ourselves accountable and frequently assess how best to support our mission to create an office where CNS students feel they belong. We are committed to offering personalized career coaching and resources that support all students in their job and internship searches, including as we:

  • Learn how to best assist students with their internship and job search
  • Discover the common challenges for students in the job search and workplace and work to mitigate these
  • Acquire knowledge on supportive practices for students with distinct needs
  • Grow our understanding of how to best support all students