Finding Jobs and Internships

Step-by-step ideas to guide your search and efforts to land a job or internship.

Getting Started

CNS majors go into a variety of fields and there isn’t a linear career path for most. Many CNS majors start working right after graduation while others attend graduate school, volunteer abroad, start their own businesses and more!

The possibilities are endless, which is both exciting and intimidating. To help you get started, we have curated a few steps you can build on. Check them out and the resources on our website to get an idea on where to focus your time and energy for an effective job/internship hunt.

Identify Your Interests

If you don’t know where to start, you may consider taking a career assessment to better understand your own strengths, values and career goals. Or you might want to get more information on careers with respect to your major. It’s worth spending some time understanding your unique mix of qualities as a candidate and knowing what you want. This not only makes it easier to look for positions, but also enables you to drive your career in a desirable direction.

After identifying which fields or roles you are drawn to, you can start taking the steps to help you land your next opportunity. If you get overwhelmed during the process, would like to do additional career exploration, need someone to bounce ideas off of, or need to know what steps to take next, we’re here to help you!

Decide the Next Step

Once you have an understanding your interests, the next part of knowing what you want is determining the next step for yourself. Do you plan to do an internship? Are you looking for a full time job? Looking to gain experience for your graduate school application? Or are you planning on taking a gap year? You can find detailed guidelines and information for all of these options on our website!

Everyone has a different vision of how they want their life to be. This decision factors in your unique circumstances and what you think will help progress your career. Need help in bouncing off ideas or just need to talk to someone? Our career coaches and office is here for you! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team. 

Craft Your Application Materials

Before you will be able to submit an application for an internship, research opportunity or job, you will need to create or update your application materials. We have several resources to help you get started and expert career coaches that can review your materials before you submit your application. For example:

Find Your Community

Sometimes job postings alone don’t give you all the information you need or sometimes it might benefit you to leverage your connection with someone and their association with a particular company. Reach out to your family, friends, peers, co-workers, alumni, and us, of course! 

Tailor to Your Circumstances

While navigating through the different steps, it’s worth spending some time exploring the intersection of your identity and your career. You can find more specific identity-based resources for Students of Color, LGBTQIA+ Students, DACA & Undocumented Students, International Students, Women, First-Generation & Low-Income Students, Disabled Students, Neurodivergent Students and Veterans on our website. For specific information regarding your individual professional circumstances, please reach out to a career coach at CNS Career Services.


Most organizations are looking for candidates to fill an immediate opening. This typically means you should be applying the semester prior to the anticipated start date. Similarly, most internship recruitment occurs a semester in advance. However, depending on the industry you are targeting (ex. tech, business, consulting), you may have to apply even earlier. Make an appointment with a CNS Career Coach to find out more about the timeline for the field(s) you’re interested in. 

Taking Care

The process of searching for a job or internship can be stressful. It is important to take care of yourself, and make use of our office and the services provided by UT.

Steer Clear of Fraudulent Postings or Scams

When searching for jobs or internships using an online job site, be careful to steer clear of scam postings disguised as a promising position or internship. Educate yourself about potential scams and early warning signs so that you can identify and avoid fraudulent postings!


Make an Appointment with a CNS Career Coach